What can you do to check if a shoe is slip resistant?
Maoli slipper is slip resistant? 

The treaded design will significantly improve slip resistance; however, it will not solely increase traction. There are many factors that affect slip resistance. One of the largest factors is the rubber compound.

So what can you do to check if a shoe is slip resistant? Here are some ways you can check:

  • Look at the bottom of the shoe. Is the treaded design fine? Or are there larger lugs? Usually, the smaller the lugs, the better the slip resistance.
  • Feel the sole. Is it soft and versatile? Or is it hard and stiff? Usually, the softer the sole, the better the grip.
  • Ask a specialist if the sole is made out of rubber or another compound. Shoes in the US are made with various compounds such as rubber, PVC, PU, etc. Rubber has the best slip resistant attributes.
  • The best way is to be able to test it in oil and soap. If you can, pour some oil or soapy water on a slippery surface and test whether if it is slip resistant. Most shoes will fail this test so please be very careful when doing this test!