Flip-flop socks allow you to wear your favorite footwear in winter

Time: 2017-12-14

We may be bundled up due to a cold front, but that doesn’t mean Floridians have to give up their favorite footwear!

Shops are now selling knitted “flip flop socks,” allowing wearers to show off their toes while still keeping most of their feet cozy and warm.

The socks aren’t just for those of us who refuse to let our feet be trapped, no matter what the weather holds. People who practice yoga, pilates and ballet use them to keep their feet warm and prevent cramping while the open toe allows for friction on the floor to keep them from slipping

While many of the socks available online feature the open toe design, there are several options which have closed toes, but with a seam between the big toe and the rest of the toes, allowing for a flip flops to be worn while fully covering the foot. Either style keeps you from the fashion faux pas of wearing regular closed-toe socks with your sandals.

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